Ing. Ján Laco, PhD. CEng MICE


As a chartered civil engineer in Slovakia and the UK, Jan has completed more than 50 projects worldwide, mainly in Slovakia, the UK, Hong Kong, Sri Lanka, Sweden and Denmark. He specialises in the design of steel, concrete and composite bridges and assessment of large span structures. Ján spent the majority of his career at Atkins where he has gained extensive experience in project management, asset management, value engineering, optimisation of load bearing systems and carbon footprint reduction topics.

Ján has provided his expertise to big name clients such as Surrey County Council, Connect Plus Services, Transport for London, HS2, Trafikverket, Stockholm Stad, MTRC Hong Kong, LTA Singapore, Costain, Skanska, Slovak Road Administration and Slovak Railway Company.

He has received the "Recognition for outstanding service as a reviewer" award from the world renowned "American Society of Civil Engineers" and is a member of the "Institution of Civil Engineering".

Mgr. Jana Lacová

Operations Manager

Jana graduated in 2010 from the Faculty of Education at Comenius University in Bratislava, where she studied English and German Language. At the beginning of her career, she was teaching foreign languages and translating documentation in the field of civil engineering. Later she worked in the IT sector as a contract manager for clients such as Royal Bank of Scotland, Hilti and Novartis.

Since 2015, Jana has worked in the UK for one of the most renowned engineering consultancies in various finance and HR roles. She has been involved in the preparation of tender documentation and in the management of staff costs on projects such as ITER. On the client side, she worked with service providers such as PwC and Capita.

Ing. Matej Buchta

Senior Engineer – Structural Engineer

Matej is a chartered civil engineer with more than 10 years of experience in structural design of civil engineering structures and buildings of various scales, which he has carried out both in Slovakia and abroad. He graduated in 2010 at STU in Bratislava, where he studied Engineering Structures. Already during his studies Matej began to devote himself to two areas, namely the design of load-bearing structures in buildings and civil engineering structures. From the design of load-bearing structures in buildings he has experience mainly with buildings made of reinforced concrete, prestressed concrete and steel. In the field of civil engineering structures, he has experience in the design of bridge structures, foundations and industrial buildings.

Ing. Lýdia Leppäkorpi Matiašková, PhD.

Engineer – Structural Engineer

Lýdia has been a structural engineer for 6 years. During her career so far she has gained experience in academic research and working in a structural engineering firm. At the same time, she has completed several prestigious work placements abroad - namely in Finland, Austria and Japan. Since 2016 she has been a member of the Slovak Chamber of Civil Engineers. Lýdia specialises in buildings design and has knowledge of working with various materials such as precast and cast in situ concrete, steel, wood, masonry structures. She obtained her PhD degree from the Faculty of Civil Engineering at STU in Bratislava, focusing on the formation of early cracks in concrete. She is an expert in thermal analysis and environmental influences on concrete in both early and mature stages.

Ing. Radoslav Vida, PhD.

Engineer – Structural Engineer

Radoslav graduated from the Faculty of Civil Engineering at STU in 2014. In 2018 he received his PhD degree at the Department of Concrete Structures and Bridges. During his studies, Radoslav focused mainly on engineering structures and bridges, specialising in reinforced and prestressed concrete structures. Alongside his studies, he collaborated on the design of reinforced and prestressed concrete bridges.

After graduation, he mainly worked on industrial structures - steel (pipeline bridges, technological structures) and reinforced concrete (underground tanks, handling areas), which were constructed in Slovakia and abroad. He has experience in coordination of mechanical-technological and construction parts of industrial projects, he has closely cooperated with several specialists in the field of industrial constructions.

Ing. Štefan Szőcs


Štefan is a civil engineer with more than 15 years of experience in the field of structural engineering. He completed his university studies at the Department of Concrete Structures and Bridges at STU in Bratislava in 2006. During his career, he collaborated on various building, engineering and bridge construction projects. He has an experience with static designs of civic amenities, prefabricated structures and industrial buildings. His portfolio includes static designs of mostly reinforced concrete and steel buildings.

He has worked, for example, on a bus station project in Banská Bystrica, JE MO34, projects for companies such as Slovnaft and Mondi, but also on foreign projects, such as the Basrah Refinery project in Iraq.

He gained his experience on static designs of new buildings, as well as on assessments, reconstructions and reinforcements of existing, heavily exposed industrial buildings.

Ing. František Karaba

Senior Consultant

František is a chartered civil engineer with more than 30 years of experience in civil engineering, especially bridges and in the role of construction site supervisor. He has been a member of the Slovak Chamber of Civil Engineers since 2007. František has extensive experience in the design of new bridge structures as well as the reconstruction of existing bridges. During his career he has worked as the designer, contractor and also in research.

In the position of project engineer at the contractor´s side, František worked on projects such as the city viaduct in Považská Bystrica; repair of the "Prístavný most" bridge in Bratislava; bridge SO 203 over the river Orava and ŽSR in Oravský Podzámok; R4 Košice - Milhosť expressway (14 bridges); D1 Budimír - Bidovce (23 bridges).

His other major projects are the bridge over the Váh canal in Turany; Lučatín - bridge over the river Hron and the railway; Valaská - bridge over the river Hron; Sliač - bridge over the river Hron; Svrčinovec - bridge over the river Čerňanka; reconstruction of the Hvozdnica bridge.

František has worked for clients such as the Slovak Road Administration, National Motorway Company in Slovakia, regional Highway Management and Maintenance companies, Košice City Council, Municipality of Boleráz, Municipality of Lučatín and others.


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