D-Phase operates on the basis of principles and values that are based on innovation, efficiency, quality and integrity. By combining these principles, our company delivers products to our clients who recognise and appreciate these values.

At the same time, through innovation processes, we focus our attention on improving health and safety in our project execution. Health and safety is absolutely paramount for our partners as well as our employees.


Innovation and technology are one of the fundamental pillars on which we build our know-how. Digitalisation contributes to the quality of projects while increasing the safety and efficiency of construction. Thanks to faster processes, fewer errors and efficient material handling, we also reduce our environmental impact.


We help construction teams to streamline the construction process as much as we help to reduce the maintenance costs of a completed project. We simplify workflow and contribute to the sustainability of projects, minimising their negative impact on our planet. At the same time, it also makes our work more efficient and we are able to deliver results quickly and efficiently.


Our team has a lot of experience from Slovakia and abroad. We have been part of several major bridge constructions and therefore we see our added value in the people who make up D-phase. We apply the experience of the team into every single project and thanks to timeless approaches and digitalisation we can take into account the needs of each project individually and improve not only the quality of the product itself, but also the whole process.


A fair and loyal approach to partners and team members is our priority. We respect a code of ethics and act in accordance with our ESG criteria, which are an integral part of D-Phase.


It is innovation and digitalisation of processes that allows us to have the individual steps mapped out and reduce accidents in the workplace. Safety is a priority for us and this is where the individual approach to projects plays a big part. To be able to maintain safety during every project, we need to know and plan the individual steps responsibly and in detail.